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 Synstar Japan Co., Ltd.
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 Custum Synthesis
 Links SSJ undertakes "Custom Synthesis", making full use of underlying organic synthesis technology.  
 Employment Info
  Scope of Custom Synthesis

SSJ has capabilities for performing Custom Synthesis at bench scale with product weights from 1g to 1kg and at flask scale with volumes up to 3L. High-pressure reactions, reactions using t-butyl lithium, and reactions using potassium metal or potassium hydride are difficult with current facilities.
Organic Synthesis Experts

/Staff with ten years and over experience in organic synthesis for major chemical companies, and an organic chemistry researcher who is taking a lead position in Academia
/An associate Professor of a non-Japanese university and a Postdoctral Fellow from outside of Japan
/SSJ is progressively further strengthening capabilities in organic synthesis by utilizing staff from chemical companies and academia.
  Custom Synthesis Commissioning Procedure 

/Inquiry about Custom Synthesis from Client to SSJ
/Sign confidentiality agreement between Client and SSJ
/Organic compound formulation disclosed from Client to SSJ
/Confirmation of suitability of compound for synthesis, or otherwise, sent from SSJ to Client with written estimate
/SSJ begins compound synthesis
/Submission of the product with delivery note and presentation of invoice
/Payment for custom synthesis sent from Client to SSJ
/Receipt sent to Client from SSJ

In principal, any intellectual property rights arising from inventions in the course of Custom Synthesis belong to the Client.