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 Synstar Japan Co., Ltd.
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  SSJ was established in August, 2007 by Dr. Masataka Ihara, who is an emeritus professor of Tohoku University and specially appointed professor of Hoshi University, and Dr. Isamu Itoh, who is a business entrepreneur, for the purpose of "Saving Precious Lives" through bringing out therapeutic drugs against protozoan diseases. 
The establishment is based on the results of "Research & Development of Drugs and Diagnostics for Protozoan Transmitted Tropical Diseases, such as Malaria", which was adopted in the Creation and Support Program for Start-ups from Universities, Japan Science and Technology Agentcy (JST). 

   SSJ believe that the intended drugs are set to make an international   
   contribution in which Japan, one of the world best technically-oriented
   nations, can take pride.  

Malaria, Leishmaniasis, African trypanosomiasis, and Chagas disease occur largely in tropical and subtropical regions and are serious infectious diseases caused by protozoa as mentioned in this site under Topics and Technology. Many people are in danger of death from these diseases. These diseases also present major obstacles to economic and cultural development in these regions. The main reason these diseases are not now controlled is that developed nations considered these diseases to be a problem only for developing countries, and have not fully engaged in development of drugs to fight these diseases. In order to address this problem, World Health Organization (WHO) has designated these diseases as target diseases to be solved immediately, and has called on the support of developed nations.   
  SSJ hopes to be able to assist people living in developing countries by developing drugs to maintain their health and provide them with healthy lives, which would result in a contribution to the economic development by the people themselves.